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Supervisory Control And Data Aquisition

Our SCADA system is a powerful tool that will help keep your equipment running at peak efficiency. With a familiar Windows style design and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, it provides a wealth of real-time data and historical trending information, easy access to process loop and alarm controls, and state-of-the-art technology for precision and reliability.

Our SCADA systems are developed as stand-alone systems in industrial boiler rooms and power plants. Our scope typically includes the monitoring and supervisory control of boilers, dryers, heaters, and deaerators, surge tanks, and pumps.

System Benefits

SHC SCADA offers:

  • Plant-wide control and monitoring from a desktop location
  • Highly scalable architecture for future expansion
  • Optional redundancy maximizing system uptime
  • Non-proprietary software so that we can communicate with most controllers
  • User-friendly displays with intuitive control pages and tools
  • Remote access for on-the-road monitoring
  • Real-time and historical trending to help diagnose and resolve process inefficiencies

System Hardware

Our SCADA system runs on a DELL OptiPlex 7000, minimum 22" HD monitor, keyboard, mouse, laser color printer (for trending, reports, and alarms), and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for surge protection and continuous operation during a short power failure.

System Software

We have experience in several SCADA packages, however, our core system offering is developed using Rockwell's RSView Site Edition (SE) platform. To complement this software we also offer XLReporter for automated printing of operation log sheets. Reports automatically run each day, month, and year-end. Information is stored in a database and linked to a spreadsheet for ease of viewing. For those plants that have unattended areas we offer remote alarm notification. Win911 will call the designated engineer's cell phone and alert them to an alarm condition using a clear English recording. Should the engineer be unavailable, the system will call the next person according to the programmed schedule and priority.

We offer the following software in our SCADA Systems:

 Rockwel AutomationPlanetPAxCitectWonderwareIntellutionSyTrchTopViewWin911

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