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Just as mechanical linkages and valves must have tight tolerances for efficiency and proper operation, the programming that controls them must also be streamlined and precise.  If methods and processes aren't standardized and understood, complex process control logic can quickly get out of hand.

That's why, when it comes to programming boilers, we believe that programming ability should be complimented by a thorough understanding of the way boilers work.  Any programmer can learn to program a boiler controller.  However, programming is likely to be awkward and incomplete unless the programmer has actually commissioned a boiler control system and is fully aware of how the boiler and its auxiliaries actually function.

Likewise, an understanding of boilers needs to be augmented by a deep working knowledge of programmable logic based controllers.

At Stanyan Hill Controls, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge about boiler operation and logic programming.  We scour the marketplace for all the best products, proven technologies, and different ways to solve difficult problems.  Because we remain an independent systems integrator, we are not obligated to use equipment or software made by any manufacturer or sold by any vendor.  When our customers choose SHC for programming, they know they will get a product that does what it's supposed to do.

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