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Balance of Plant, Correctional

  Here's one of our Balance of Plant Systems that was sent out to a correctional facility in eastern New York. The system is currently providing flawless control to the following systems:

  1. Three boiler lead/lag sequencing and firing rate control.
  2. Five boiler feed pump lead/lag sequencing and speed control.
  3. Condensate tank level control.
  4. Deaerator tank level control.
  5. Heat exchanger temperature control.
  6. Air handling flow and temperature control (intake and exhaust fans).

  Any plant, big or small, can benefit from a Stanyan Hill Controls Balance of Plant system. 

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Each panel we design has the HMI and operator controls intentionally placed for ergonomic and comfortable control.
With AC and DC voltage separated and clearly marked by white (DC) and gray (AC) wiring duct, electrical noise is minimized.
Using a CompactLogix PLC, we can deliver powerful and robust control with an affordable controller.

SCADA, Manufacturing

  Built with powerful Dell Hardware and programmed with Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Software, our SCADA systems deliver more than just robust control and insightful monitoring - they deliver peace of mind. This unit is going out to a manufacturing facility in upstate New York that is also equipped with one of our plant master control panels and two remote I/O panels.

This SCADA will be interfacing with two deaerator tanks, a surge tank, six boiler feed pumps, one condensate transfer pump, three boilers, and several control valves, providing the operators with historical trending and powerful alarm functionality.

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Clean and orderly screens allow operations to quickly identify important data points.