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Boiler Control

Boilers range in size from small basement furnaces to multi-burner, multi-story utility boilers that can power an entire city. Still, no matter the size, there are two things that every boiler needs: combustion control and burner management.

Combustion Control Systems (CCS) manage the fuel and air quantities that enter the burner for combustion. Precise control over the ratio of fuel and air must be kept in order to maintain a healthy, clean, efficient flame. These systems are primarily PLC-based and include burner control such as single-point positioning (jackshaft), parallel positioning, and full metering. Other control included master firing rate, oxygen trim, boiler outlet draft, flue gas recirculation, and 1, 2, or 3 element water level control.

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Burner Management Systems (BMS) monitor flame health and safety sensors to ensure that all boiler sub-systems are operating as expected. The BMS is the first line of defense against a boiler that isn't functioning correctly and will trip the system if an unsafe condition arises. We offer both microprocessor flame safety controls like the Fireye BurnerLogix and the Honeywell RM7848, as well as more custom PLC-based burner management controls built on a variety of PLC-manufacturer's platforms and hardware.

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Boiler Control System(BCS) combines the functionality of our BMS and CCS systems into a single package. A single panel cuts down on the time and cost of wiring and places the boiler’s controls in one central location. With all the controls in one place, this makes data acquisition, documentation, and troubleshooting more efficient.

Regardless of the size, complexity, and requirements of the system, we design systems using components from industry-leading manufacturers and vendors with long-term ownership and fuel savings in mind. Whether your plant is doing a retrofit or just starting up, we customize the system to your exact needs, giving you the right system for the job.

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